SAQA Florida Mission

SAQA Florida Region works to support the mission of SAQA:

Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt: “a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.”
Within Florida we provide a venue for art quilters
  • to promote and share their art quilts
  • to foster personal and professional development
  • to create an atmosphere of networking, community and mutual inspiration

SAQA Conference 2022 Call For Entries

As you may know, the SAQA 2022 conference which was to be held in St. Petersburg is now going to be virtual.  The focus will still be on Florida and there are two current calls for entries you may want to consider as a Florida member.

Both these deadlines are coming up soon, so get your entries in now.

SAQA Florida Reps

Doris Hulse

I have been a quilter for many years, an observer of nature and art since childhood.  Through painting in various forms, some photography and through gardening I have worked to study nature more closely. It has only been in the past few years

that I became aware that there was a way to combine all these interests in the unique form of the art quilt.  This awareness has sent me on a journey of creative discovery.  In my art quilts I use raw edge applique, with mostly batiks and hand dyed fabric, paint, and colored pencils to create depth.  Or I will create whole cloth quilts on which I paint or use colored pencils to draw and blend color developing an image that is not quite representational yet not fully abstract either.  Free motion quilting and thread painting are then used to add texture and interest to each piece.    

As the co-representative for the Florida region my journey has grown and expanded in so many ways. I have met and collaborated with other artists and learned from others both within the region and throughout the SAQA community. I have had the pleasure to lead, teach and host retreats within the region and I look forward to the challenges of continuing in this role.

Regina Dunn

I am a retired science teacher and taught at the same high school for 23 years. I got bit by the art bug around 2001 when I attended a class to make a quilt at our local quilt shop and discovered art quilts while I was there. Then I attended workshops, read

books and magazines, and joined both a local art group and SAQA. I later attended Jane Dunnewold’s Art Cloth Mastery Program. I have traveled extensively and have been influenced and inspired by the textiles I’ve seen around the world and am amazed at the versatility and possibilities of working with cloth and thread.

Newsletter Editor,
Bobbie Baugh

Membership Chair,
Esther Bruckel

Roaming Gallery Coordinator, Ellen Nepustil

Exhibition Committee Chair, Diane Powers Harris