SAQA Florida Pods

The SAQA Florida Region is:

  • A large, diverse, active and vibrant region with over 250 members in eight PODS that meet on varying schedules.
  • We also stay in touch through regional meet-ups, a monthly newsletter, a SAQA FL Facebook page, Instagram page and Zoom meetings.
  • Regional exhibitions and a roaming gallery feature members artwork.
  • We periodically have retreats as well as the occasional regional class offering with national quilt artists.
  • As a member you have access a wide variety of resources that foster personal and professional development.

This map shows the general location of members through out the state. It does not list specific member addresses.

POD Leaders

POD 1, Inactive

POD 2, Renee Cobb

POD 2 East, Christina Flores

POD 3, Kat Campau

POD 3 North, Gail Casaday

POD 3 Central, Kathleen Peel

POD 3 South, Maggie Dillon

POD 4, Normajean Brevik

POD 5, Kestrel Michaud

POD 6, Debra Gluszczak

POD 7, Cindy Ambler

Perlie petrillo