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Art Quilt Gallery

Take a look through this collection and get ready to own a new piece of art beauty!

Here is a rare opportunity to adopt a quilted gem from a SAQA Florida member!! Three years ago, we got busy and made small art pieces for each of our three Roaming Galleries, with the goal of educating the public about what art quilts are. The work was all donated, the galleries traveled throughout the state and were admired, and now it is time for the last part of their travels.
We are offering each of these 78 pieces for adoption during the week of July 19 to 23. The donation amount we are asking will gradually descend from $100 on Monday, down to just $25 on Friday (plus shipping). All proceeds will go to help fund future SAQA Florida activities.
Each piece is 7 by 10” and is mounted on a 9 by 12” black mat board, and enclosed in a cellophane envelope. An artist statement is on the back of each artwork. They are presented just like the ones in the global SAQA trunk shows.

The adoption will open at 9 am EST on 19 July. Prices will change at 9 am EST each day. So get ready!

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